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Sergeant Stubby - boxer mix
Hero of WWI
His gold medal was presented by Gen. Pershing.
102nd Infantry (1916)
Chips - shepherd mix
gallantly served in eight battles during WWII.
Deserved the silver star and Purple Hart for bravery.
Died in Pleasantville, NY
Private Pepper -Collie
One of the many dogs for Defense who served during WWII
Bien Hoa, RVN 1967
US sentry dog guarding the base.

Drawing: Charles Waterhouse
Vinh Long, RVN 1967
Guarding an airfield in the Mekong Delta

Drawing: Charles Waterhouse
MaCo a POW puppy and his owner Capt. Ed Davis, USN-Ret.
Both were POW during the Vietnam war.

Picture: TROA/Feb 1998
A dog victim of the Kosovo bombings being fed by
WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals)
Scout dog Charlie Cargo with 48 Infantry Platoon Scout Dogs.
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2012 3rd BN, 3 Marine regiment
UK Marines Afghanistan
UK Marines Afghanistan


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Military Dog Afghanistan
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Grieving dog
Marine and his dog
Afghan mutt
Afghan puppy
Cena MWD and  handler
Cena crossing RBB
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Kuweit Ceasar MWD Marines
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Afghan puppy