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Dry your tears, no you must not cry for me Till the day that we meet again at long journey's end At the Rainbow Bridge, You know that's where I'll be 

Light a candle for all my companion friends who are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for me
 Duchess (1963-1975) 
Duchess a gentle intelligent GSD lady. Our beloved family dog who traveled with us all over the US.
 Erin (1979-1991) 
Erin was a Seeing Eye dog who was not selected to complete the training. A protective loving family dog. Mopsy to right.
 Johnie (1975-1993) 
Johnie was born at the American Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia and traveled with me around the world.
 Mopsy I (1978-1994) 
Mopsy I was a very friendly walk-in stray nobody wanted. He and Erin were a cute couple for many years.
 Bear (1990-1998) 
Bear is a female black labrador adopted from the Associated Humane Societies in Forked River, NJ. Bear crossed the Rainbow Bridge from hemangeo sarcoma on April 26, 1998
 Mopsy II (1994-23 Aug 2003) 
Mopsy II is a black lab male lab adopted from the Associated Humane Societies in Forked River, NJ. Mopsy II died at home on 23 Aug 2003 from hemangeo sarcoma.
 Teddi 13 Sep 1997-13 May 2006 
Teddi a female golden was adopted from the Seeing Eye (NJ). My companion died in Tucson (AZ) from hemangeosarcoma.
 Kitty-Kit Feb 2003-22 Aug 2009 
KK was found as a baby kitten in my front garden (NJ). She was a faithful family cat and died from carcinoma cancer at age 6.
Sullie 2003-2015
Teddie 2006-2015
Mopsie 2006-2016
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Welcome to Bear Buys.com 
(A Forever Home Site)
I have always been fascinated by dogs. Even as a kid I marveled at the diversity of dog breeds and how wonderfully unique each breed is from the other, but still possessing that same undeniable charm and charisma that we have come to love.

Humans and dogs share an amazing bond that simply cannot be matched by any other human-animal relationship. I once had a dog who was very much like family to me. My dog was my constant companion and was by my side through all my ups and downs. Unfortunately, dogs don't share the same life expectancy as we humans have, and my dog passed away in 1998. It was a very sad time for me and I was devastated by my loss. But instead of dwelling on the negatives, I decided to devote my time and knowledge to helping others who share the same love and passion for these wonderful creatures.

Bear Buys.com is my way of  celebrating the life of my dog. 

Through Bear Buys.com, I am able to provide useful, interesting, and sometimes entertaining facts and information about a wide variety of dogs. 
Vlekkie last picture 1950 Buitenzorg